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Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Starring: Hassan Pourshirazi, Younes Ghazali, Mohammad Rabbani

A gorgeously wrought fable trading in subtle, if nonetheless unmistakable, social commentary.
Rotten Tomatoes

Set in Lake Urmia close to Azerbaijan, Rahmat (Hasan Pourshirazi), an aging boatman, visits the region's white salt islands to collect people's tears in a glass vial. "I've come to listen to people's heartaches and take away tears," he says as he rows among the gray waters in the third-largest saltwater lake in the world. It is an otherworldly landscape.
  • The White Meadows(PG)
  • (Keshtzar haye sepid)
  • Sat 6th Oct 2018
  • North Shore of Dangar - TBA
  • 7.00pm
  • An enchanting shoreline venue for this surreal saltwater fable
  • Programmer: Cybele Shorter